You, at your best

You know what fitness means to you. We know how to help you achieve it.

Achieving your goal is easier with FitStadium.

Always with you, on your smartphone.

Get the most out of your workout


We know your time is valuable. That’s why your FitStadium workout dynamically adapts to your fitness level. Each day you will have your best training session.

Keeping up with you

Every workout session will be shaped by your feedback. The exercises’ difficulty and duration will be balanced to perfectly suit your needs.

Completely custom

Choose your goal, manage your workout and follow a training routine completely designed for your needs.

Select your goal

Choose the duration

Plan your week

  • Whether you aim for weight loss, muscle tone or strength, we will provide the best workout to achieve your goals.

  • Choose the length of your workout; you can train in as little as 15 minutes.

  • Create a flexible workout plan. From one up to five times a week, whenever you want.

How fit are you?

The FitMeter is an accurate and complete tool to discover your fitness level. Test yourself, get your score and start working out with the Digital Trainer.

The freedom you've been looking for

Bodyweight exercises

We'll only offer you completely bodyweight workouts; no need for equipment. Train with the best tool you have: your own body.

Wherever you want

All you need for your workout is free space and your mobile. Train at home, in the park or at the office.


Workouts as short as 15 minutes to let you train whenever you want.

Never alone

Join the community and share your passion: the Stadium is waiting for you.

  • The satisfaction of managing to get from an easier to a tougher exercise? Priceless.

    Matteo Fabbri - Fitness lover
  • FitStadium is my conscience; it helps me when I don’t feel like training, giving me the motivation to keep going.

    Barbara Fadda - Tireless working mom
  • The right exercise at the right time. The precision of a trainer with the convenience of an app.

    Lorenzo Boaretto - Full time dad
  • I’m more constant. I can fit a workout even in the shortest spare time, so I can finally train regularly. And it shows!

    Valentina Barbieri - Dance lover
  • Quick and efficient, FitStadium is just what I needed to complement my runs. A perfect match!

    Chiara Fichera - Runner

No compromises.

Completely free.